In 1979 COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO (“Tobacco’s company”) born in Milano, in a short in crossroad of the characteristic central Corso Garibaldi,.  An exotic name that evokes travels , nature e fair trades, hides a small dynamic company created among some friends with the mission of realizing in the Fair East beautiful home accessories with exotic raw materials but under a strictly italian design.
First among these raw materials, the large Tobacco leaves which became immediately the leading element of several home collections; is during start up phase that Gabriella Fulvi, co-founder and managing director of the company, meets Giovanni Patrini, a refined and whimsical interior designer that was at that time already well known in Italy, France and United States. 
Several collections and also synergies with other important brands in the home and fashion markets born during the long collaboration between the company and Giovanni Patrini, that will end only because of his premature death in 1993.  
In 1983, for the first time the company lands in the world of the Acrylic (PMMA) in which sees big chances most of all thanks to the idea of realizing objets by including printed or embroired fabrics inside of the acrylic; this kind of products, strictly Made in Italy, opens the way to several contacts, collaborations and also licenses in the fashion branch.  Along the time, brands as Gucci, Armani, Ferragamo, Fornasetti, Alviero Martini, Ken Scott, Etro and others became interlocutors of the company for test samples, limited productions or sometimes worldwide licenses.
Among these we can’t avoid to cite the worldwide license ALVIERO MARTINI, 1^ CLASSE “Home Accessories”, that starting on 1995, for almost twenty years will see the company proposing the unmistakable “Geo” pattern with old maps in every kind of home, table, bathroom and writing-desk accessories: from iron cutlery to the armchair, passing through dishes, glasses, lamps, vases, trays, picture-frames, etc., all of them ideally dedicated to the fans of the old maps of this sophisticated fashion stylist coming from the Piemonte mountain area, in north-west Italy.

After a long time in Milano city, while the company was operating from an main site located in the north area of the town and from a nice showroom in the central native area of Brera, in 1996 due to the her new dimensions, the company moved outside of the town, in the west area, exactly in Bareggio city, were offices, showroom, warehouse and factory are still now in a single joint site. 
Here Gabriella Fulvi, side by side with her son Stefano Bagnasco from 1992, still runs the business, looking for new ideas and  trying to anticipated the tendencies of a market always more demanding and careful.

On the background, an historical picture from COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO communication: the first shot realized by photographer Roberto Freno for the 1981 advertising campaign. The “Tobacco” designed by Giovanni Patrini still reigns supreme at this time, but the surreal atmospheres of this picture introduce to the new ideas of the company and the designer.


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